After ESPN decided not to renew his contract last May, the 46-year-old Sports Guy took his brash persona and media portfolio to HBO, where he's happy to be just your average fan.

DAN PATRICK: What's your title at HBO?

BILL SIMMONS: I don't know. I'm just HBO's Bill Simmons. That sound good?

DP: You seem to dress your titles up.

BS: I didn't name [my podcast] BSPN. We called it the Bill Simmons Podcast Network. What else am I going to call it? The initials just happen to be BSPN.

DP: What are you doing at HBO?

BS: I'm launching a TV show, probably by the tail end of next spring. I'm going to get heavily involved in HBO Now. I'm already involved in the HBO documentary side—all stuff I like to do.

DP: Who has a brighter future, Bill Simmons or [LSU freshman forward] Ben Simmons?

BS: Ben Simmons, in every conceivable way. Financially. Sexually. Professionally.

DP: What about journalistically?

BS: He's probably a better writer than me. I can't think of a single thing he does that's not better than me.

DP: So you're a fan?

BS: My whole life I've wanted the Celtics to have a guy named Simmons on their team. I started hearing about Ben Simmons last year. I've been following him on YouTube, getting more and more excited because he has the Magic-Bird passing gene. He's on another level.

DP: Ben Simmons seems to have a feel for the game that you can't teach.

BS: The passing is what's going to separate him. I grew up during the Magic-Bird era watching guys see the floor like them. It went away during the Jordan era. The thing about Bird: He was such a great passer, it affected the other guys on the team.

DP: Are there Bird-like qualities in Steph Curry?

BS: You can compare Steph Curry to anyone. Maybe Pete Maravich. You're slightly older than me, so you remember Maravich. I don't. He seems like he's a magician. It's kind of "me first" in a good way.

DP: But Maravich got bored with the game and became a gunner, not a winner.

BS: Maravich was like a child actor who burned out on the game. One of the things that makes Curry special is that he's an awesome teammate. I think Magic was the greatest teammate of all time. All he wanted to do was make everyone else better. Curry is a lot like that.

DP: How do you look back on your departure from ESPN?

BS: I said it a million times: I had a great run. It was a great place to work. I have no ill feelings. Now I'm just a sports fan. I can complain about the same things everyone else complains about, and I can praise the same things everyone else praises.



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