PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY LEON HALIP GETTY IMAGESRodgers And Out On Dec. 3 in Detroit, the Packers appeared to be heading for their fifth loss in six games, trailing 23--21 with no time remaining and the ball on their own 39. But thanks to a Lions penalty on what should have been the final play, quarterback Aaron Rodgers (below) launched a prayer. Tight end Richard Rodgers came down with the ball in the end zone, and Green Bay had a 27--23 victory, an 8--4 record and hopes for the playoffs. PHOTOPAUL SANCYA AP[See caption above] PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY NATHANIEL S. BUTLER NBAE/GETTY IMAGES82--0? Stop the Presses! Warriors Win! Stephen Curry (30) got the upper hand on the Nets' Thomas Robinson on Sunday in Brooklyn, and though he only scored 28 on the evening—4.4 below his league-leading average—Curry and Golden State still came away with a 114--98 victory to bring their record to 22--0. The Warriors broke the mark for consecutive wins to start a season (15) weeks ago, and now talk has turned to just how many games they can win. The 1995--96 Bulls hold the mark with a 72--10 record. PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY ANDY MEAD YCJ/ICON SPORTSWIRETimber Time Though neither Portland's Rodney Wallace (22) nor Harrison Afful of Columbus seems to be making any headway, the Timber did take the upper hand in the game, winning 2--1 on Sunday to claim their first MLS Championship. Portland celebrated (below) at MAPFRE Stadium in Columbus, as Diego Valeri was named MVP.