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WHEN KANE HOGAN, a sophomore fullback at Danville (Ala.) High, was diagnosed last January with acute lymphocytic leukemia type-B, his first reaction was, "I can't play football, can I?" But Kane, who led the Hawks with 6.7 yards per carry last year, hasn't let cancer keep him from contributing to his team. Despite being in the midst of a punishing 120-week treatment, he attends all the games and practices he can, making an impact without ever stepping up to the line of scrimmage. "You can see it every time he walks into the locker room, there's an energy that comes over this team," says coach Josh LouAllen. Kane says being around his teammates gives him a lift too. "You go from playing Friday nights to an everyday battle against a terrible thing," he says. "[Football] helps me get my mind off of being sick."

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