PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY MORRY GASH APThe Race Begins It's the beautiful thing about spring training: When it comes to berths in the World Series, all 30 teams are on the outside looking in. Across Florida and Arizona camps swung into high gear last week—or as high a gear as can be reached in the earliest full-squad workouts. The baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint, more than one manager likely said in a camp-opening speech—though the leisurely jog the White Sox took in Phoenix suggested a third, less rigorous option. PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY JEFF ROBERSON APPlaces in The Sun 1. The Cardinals loosened up in Jupiter, Fla. PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY MATT YORK AP[See caption above] 2. Angels catcher Geovany Soto went barehanded in Tempe, Ariz. PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY PATRICK SEMANSKY AP[See caption above] 3. Rays pitchers hit the comebacker trail in Port Charlotte, Fla.
PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY JEFF ROBERSON AP[See caption above] 4. New Marlins manager Don Mattingly got to know catcher Jeff Mathis in Jupiter. PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY PATRICK SEMANSKY AP[See caption above] 5. Red Sox pitchers' celebrations were in mid-season form in Fort Myers, Fla. PHOTOPHOTOGRAPH BY CHARLIE RIEDEL APAudience With The King Players' families always get great seats, but even a luxury box can't compare with a patch of bullpen dirt in spring training. When Mariners ace Felix Hernandez took the mound in Peoria, Ariz., his brother, Moises, and Felix's seven-year-old son, Jeremy, were there to offer support. Or advice. Or maybe they just wanted to admire the view.