FOR OCT. 24--31, 2016

How could Pete Thamel write a story on Art Briles and the spread offense and not mention Hal Mumme or Mike Leach? Briles would still be a genius at Stephenville High if Leach hadn't hired him at Texas Tech.

Vernon Hooker, New Waverly, Texas

I applaud the NFL's attempts to curb foul language and the use of the n-word on the field (SCORECARD). But the league continues to be two-faced in its righteousness. As Jonathan Jones notes, the n-word "was created to make people of color feel that they are inferior"—the same way that the r-word, used to describe the team from Washington, makes many Native Americans feel.

Tom Lee, Underhill, Vt.

As an Atlanta sports fan I thought it was bad enough to read about the Falcons' mistakes with Brett Favre (The Off Season), but then I turned the page and was reminded that the Braves lost in arguably the best Fall Classic of all time (Still a Series to Savor). The stories brought back memories—maybe not the happiest—but still, thank you.

Bob Parker, Atlanta

The 1991 World Series was not even close to being the best. That honor belongs to the '60 Series, when the Yankees outscored the Pirates 55--27 but lost Game 7 on Bill Mazeroski's ninth-inning, walk-off homer.

Doug D'Arnall, Roebuck, S.C.

What about 1947, Yankees over Dodgers in seven? Bill Bevins pitches a near no-hitter but walks 10 and loses. Not to mention Al Giofriddo's catch.

Henry L. Fulton, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.

The '91 series was certainly a very good one. But 1912, '24, '46, '47, '52, '55, '60 and '72 were better. And '26, '34, '56, '57, '58, '62, '64, '67, '68, '75 and 2011 were in the same league.

Patrick G. Brown, Orlando


Lee Jenkins really captured Russell Westbrook's drive, leadership and volatility. If I may offer a "crossover" reference: In A Few Good Men, Lieut. Daniel Kaffee told L. Cpl. Harold Dawson, "You don't need to wear a patch on your arm to have honor." Or in Westbrook's case, a ring to certify greatness.

Marc D. Greenwood

Camp Hill, Ala.



LeBron James makes $30 million annually, before endorsements. And Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley has a five-year guaranteed deal worth $153 million. I've often wondered what NBA players do with their opulent salaries. Well, according to the study you cited, they spend "$42,500 a month—a big chunk [of that] on clothes and shoes." That's ridiculous.

Myron Finkbeiner

Nampa, Idaho




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