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Heaven Help Marge Schott Heaven Help Marge Schott

From Issue

May 20, 1996

Heaven Help Marge Schott

The Reds' owner, long ago reduced to a life of loneliness, has further isolated herself by her spiteful words and witless deeds.

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Perfection Firing Perfection Firing

From Issue

May 25, 1998

Perfection Firing

With a wicked fastball and a snapping curve, the Yankees’ David Wells retired 27 straight Twins to complete only the 13th perfect game this century

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The Boxer and The Blonde The Boxer and The Blonde

From Issue

June 17, 1985

The Boxer and The Blonde

This is the story of Billy Conn, who won the girl he loved but lost the best fight ever

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The Revolution [Will Not Be Televised] The Revolution [Will Not Be Televised]

From Issue

Dec. 12, 2016

The Revolution [Will Not Be Televised]

As the old media model that created sports' bull market crumbles, the way games are broadcast and consumed is changing radically—à la carte! Microbets! Virtual reality!—while rights-holders brace for the ultimate reckoning

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Baby Boomer Baby Boomer

From Issue

July 27, 2015

Baby Boomer

Myles Garrett, Texas A&M's star sophomore defensive end, relies on the examples of his two older siblings—both negative and positive—as he charts a course toward opposing quarterbacks and, quite possibly, to the top of the 2017 NFL draft

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