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An ex-college star's soul-baring memoir sets the standard for this season's football lit
2007 NFL Preview
2007 NFL Preview
How do you assign value to players and then rank the best from 1 to 500? That was the big idea of SI's Peter King, who nearly came to regret it. Who else would lose sleep over No. 324?
The King 500
Andre Johnson over Marvin Harrison? Marc Bulger ahead of Donovan McNabb? A tackle in the top 10? SI's 1-to-500 ranking of the NFL's best is filled with surprises
2 New York Jets
Anything goes in the land of the Mangenius--but what's really needed is a Houdini to pull off more of that '06 magic
3 Buffalo Bills
They've brought in rookies and veterans to fortify the right spots, but it likely won't be enough in a talent-heavy division
4 Miami Dolphins
A somewhat, ahem, looser atmosphere under Cam Cameron will extend to the field, where versatility will be the watchword
1 Cincinnati Bengals
They insist they've made the mental adjustments needed for a Super Bowl run, but there's still the matter of that porous D
2 Baltimore Ravens
The defense is playing at a historically high level, but postseason hopes hinge on whether the attack can keep up
3 Pittsburgh Steelers
The Cowher era is over, and a new staff is opening up the game plan. Big Ben, for one, hopes to really tick with a freer hand
4 Cleveland Browns
On the strength of a superb draft and some savvy off-season pickups, the future is . . . later. But at least things are looking up
1 Indianapolis Colts
The reigning champs are masters at finding replacement parts--and now they'll be put to the test like never before
3 Jacksonville Jaguars
In the eternal pursuit of the Colts, the defense will do its part and the run game should be solid--and it still won't be enough
4 Houston Texans
A year after passing on Vince Young and Reggie Bush, these expansionists start fresh with a new QB and No. 1 back
2 Denver Broncos
An off-season of heartache has taught these players that they've got to seize the day--and hold on to their leads
3 Kansas City Chiefs
Can a blend of veteran experience and youthful promise give this club something other than a Jekyll-and-Hyde identity?
4 Oakland Raiders
Excellence may be out of the question for now, but an infusion of optimism hints at a commitment to competence, at least
2 Dallas Cowboys
The sideline decibel level is way down, but can this mellowed-out bunch of Boys at last make some postseason noise?
3 New York Giants
It's a make-or-break year for the coach and quarterback, and the team's alltime best runner is gone. No pressure, though
1 Chicago Bears
The reigning NFC champs think they've made the tweaks they needed to take that last step--but it really all falls to Rex
2 Green Bay Packers
A beefy D and last year's big finish have the Green and Gold thinking it can challenge in the Black and Blue division
3 Minnesota Vikings
They stop the run like no one else--now the offense, with a second-year QB and a rookie running back, must improve
4 Detroit Lions
The Marinelli makeover is starting to pay off, not necessarily in Super Bowl dreams but in a winning mood in the Motor City
1 New Orleans Saints
Laissez les bons temps rouler! A year after taking its hometown on an enchanting playoff run, this team will go even further
2 Carolina Panthers
More, more, more is the message on the offensive side of the ball, where the ample talent is just waiting to be tapped
4 Atlanta Falcons
Can a season end before it's even begun? The best plan for these birds may be to get through this year and start fresh in '08
1 Seattle Seahawks
Front-office moves and good news on the medical front point to better things--possibly even a return to Super Bowl form
2 St. Louis Rams
This .500 club is counting on its ultraproductive back and newly anointed franchise QB to carry it out of the doldrums
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