Sept. 20, 1954
Sept. 20, 1954

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Sept. 20, 1954

Pat On The Back
  • Herewith a salute from the editors to men and women of all ages who have fairly earned the good opinion of the world of sport, regardless of whether they have yet earned its tallest headlines

Under 21
Table of Contents
  • Casey Stengel's proud Yankees, playing at a clip that has won them five World Championships, went into Cleveland this week and met a better team—the 1954 Cleveland Indians, who did not "choke up"

  • In one mighty, man-high lunge a wild bronco throws his rider to the ground and menaces him with pawing hooves

The Wonderful World Of Sport
The Great Midwest
Horse Racing
Sporting Look
A Place To Be
Fisherman's Calendar
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Last Laugh