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Bowl Games
An invading horde of friends and relatives watched Washington and Minnesota win half a game apiece, but in the end the Huskies ran the higher score with a swift and artful offense
Pregame study and on-field power won the Orange for Missouri. At the movies the Tigers learned how to smother Joe Bellino, snatch Hal Spooner's passes and destroy Navy on the ground
Sportsman Of The Year
Sportsman of the Year: Arnold Palmer
For dominating the game of golf with a bold determination while adding to its splendor with genuine graciousness and charm, the editors of Sports Illustrated award the Grecian amphora, a classic symbol of pure excellence, to 1960's star Arnold Palmer
Pro Football
A big run wins for a big defense
A spectacular kickoff return in the first quarter set up the Philadelphia Eagles' first world championship in 11 years, but a stubborn unyielding defense made the run count
College Basketball
Basketball's Week