Oct. 18, 1965
Oct. 18, 1965

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Oct. 18, 1965

Yesterday/Ruth's Called Shot
World Series
  • The World Series opened on a slightly shocking note when Zoilo Versalles and the underdog Minnesota Twins upended Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax, the supposedly unbeatable titans of the Los Angeles Dodger pitching staff. But when the Series switched from the shores of Gitche-Gumee to the smogbound coast of California, the Dodgers' pitching recovered fast. Minnesota's runaway was halted, and the capricious pendulum of victory swung the other way

Unscrambled East
Football's Week
  • In a year distinguished more for its upsets than for any sort of consistency, the favorites finally came through—and by comfortable margins, for a change. Arkansas and Texas coasted on their tough defenses to set up a mighty showdown this Saturday. Nebraska and USC looked ominously strong, the surprising boys of Georgia and the sudden monsters of Michigan State were marvelous again and so, in their negative way, were West Virginia's curious Mountaineers (below), who eschew defense for points, points, points

Horse Racing
Odd Sport
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over