June 12, 1967
June 12, 1967

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June 12, 1967

Junk Your Engines
Italian Blues
The 1967 U.S. Open
  • The young man at right, Frank Beard, is under the wary gaze of some older competitors as he comes into golf's most esteemed event with an opportunity to upset the favorites. On succeeding pages an artist depicts the epic moments of the Palmer-Casper struggle a year ago and Jack Nicklaus assesses the historic site of this year's Open, Baltusrol Golf Club

U.S. Open
Secret Athletes
  • They are the decathlon men, who live in obscurity three out of every four years. Then come the Olympics, and these masters of all trades are acclaimed as the finest athletes in the world. They are, too. And they are also marvelously diverting fellows, as any visitor to the swinging pad near Santa Barbara can readily see. It is the home, training headquarters, friendly meeting place and haven from Psychedelia of most of the world's best of a singular breed

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over