The great French mare, winner of the $100,000 Roosevelt International last year, overcame a troublesome left leg to score handsomely again last week, increasing her earnings to a near record $821,000
The world's best pros called Carnoustie the toughest course they had ever seen—and other things—but it was fine for Gary Player, who parlayed steady golf and one magnificent shot into a British Open title
A Hike To Share
Part 4: The Black Athlete
What They Think Now
Yesterday's stars, members of that elite group that made it to the top, can look at the life of the Negro athlete from a rare perspective—they have both height and hindsight. Here is what 10 of them are doing today, and some of the differing views they now hold
George Haines
Felix is one sweet ballplayer
The last name is Millan, and if you are not familiar with it you are not alone. The Atlanta Brave rookie does everything so quietly he is seldom noticed, but he does them all extremely well and he hits .300 in the bargain
Pro Football
'Let's get back to playing football'
So said John Gordy, president of the NFL Players' Association, and the owners heartily agreed. And when they got together in New York it took them only 4½ hours to end the players' strike—or was it the owners' lockout?
New League
My Battle for Our Rightful Place at the Top
They said the National Fly Casting League would never work, but we showed 'em, and now the public is entitled to know how, with the aid of Miss Celeste Mossway and under my leadership, we overcame all obstacles and made millions
Baseball's Week
For The Record
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over