April 29, 1974
April 29, 1974

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April 29, 1974

Big Fish
  • As the star of the Chicago White Sox and the best-paid player in baseball, Dick Allen is a magnetic celebrity, but life in a fishbowl displeases him. Through last weekend his team had played 13 games and won but four, and the bristling Allen, batting below .200, was behaving like an endangered species. Still, he had an adoring manager and praising teammates

  • The nation's best college tennis team crushed its downstate rivals, USC and UCLA, in back-to-back matches last week as the traditional scoring method was abandoned in favor of the modern "no ad"

  • By Peter Carry

    The Nets whirled down on a team beset by spring fever and foul weather and blew them right out of the ABA Eastern playoffs

One For Money
Bruce Hardy
Into The Pool
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over