Feb. 07, 1966
Feb. 07, 1966

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Feb. 7, 1966

Winter's Champions
A Knockout
Glacier Skiing
College Basketball
Just A Guy
  • At Princeton, Basketball Star Bill Bradley learned to live under a microscope for a cheering nation. But Bradley had methods of defending—or concealing—his reed self. Now, in the anonymity of Oxford, where he is a Rhodes scholar, his defenses are breached for the first time and Bradley emerges as a person—a mixture of hero and antihero

Basketball's Week
  • It was still four weeks until post-season tournament time and most conference races were a long way from being settled, but around the nation several independents were looking sharp. Loyola of Chicago, one of the year's surprise teams, may very well be the sharpest of all

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over