The Bowls
Tony Dorsett was the general, but Pitt had an army of heroes—Cavanaugh, Romano, Jones, Walker—as it wrapped up the national title, bulldozing the Bulldogs in a manner that was hardly civil
Super Debate
Mad Russian
College Basketball
An ex-doormat cleans up
Nationally ranked and fighting for the Southwest Conference title, Arkansas' homegrown talent is showing its fans that football isn't the only game in town
Pro Basketball
Home, sweet home is sweeter than ever
The home-court advantage has always been a big plus in the NBA, but this season it's a whole lot bigger. The main reason is a different kind of schedule. Other factors are deeper benches, more frenzied crowds. It can add up to a 10-point edge
Troubled by oiled waters
It was touch and go for Nantucket last week, but the west wind held, nudging the Argo Merchant's oil spill out to sea, where birds may be dying by the thousands
For The Record
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over