July 10, 1967
July 10, 1967

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July 10, 1967

Yoweee Chicago!
  • The Cubs won, slipped past the Cardinals and at that moment—3:22 p.m. C.D.T., July 2, 1967—the Second City had a monopoly on first place. O.K., maybe it couldn't last, but in Chicago a murmur was heard: the first Cubs-White Sox World Series since 1906

Once And Future King?
Old Girl
Scourge Of The Seas
Jax Pack
  • Jack and Sally Hanson make beautifully cut pants for Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and so many more beautiful size 10s that they live a beautiful life. By day their backyard is headquarters for a Hollywood sport-in. By night their own discotheque, The Daisy (right), is a Beverly Hills drop-in for the likes of Dickie Smothers (greeting Jack), Bobby Darin, Peter Sellers—and an assortment of beautiful size 10s

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over