Sept. 05, 1955
Sept. 05, 1955

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Sept. 5, 1955

Events & Discoveries
  • ...and 29 days from the end of the American League pennant race a New York Yankee peers toward the future and hopes

  • Maybe the American League pennant race isn't as majestic as it should be—there have been too many ignominious defeats, for one thing. Nevertheless, it's been a tangled, furious, exciting pennant race, a regular free-for-all

The Wonderful World Of Sport
  • "Roughing it" at the huge 6,000-acre Valley Ranch in Wyoming's Yellowstone country, a group of prominent Easterners take time out from riding, hunting and pack trips to pose with their sons at the corral

  • TWEEDS 26

    Since the 18th century, the Scots have been weaving the richly textured cloth that has become the favorite fabric on America's sporting scene

Pinder Brothers
Cecil Smith