Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: SI Adventure
The author's quest to visit every continent by kayak has given him a sea-level look at the bond between humans and the ocean
Great Leap Forward
Oft-battered and oft-broke motocrosser Chuck Carothers unleashed a monster jump at the X Games to establish himself as his sport's rising star
Out There
In a high-altitude feud, two Sherpas snipe about who's the fastest up Everest
Indoor Adventure
In a harrowing do-it-yourself book, Aron Ralston recounts the tale of his desperate self-amputation
An intrepid trekker plans to cross 4,000 miles of Asia to re-create a great escape
Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus
Their numbers growing as fast as their rate of success, Australian golfers are taking a backseat to no one
Catching Up With ...
Air and Space
2004 Olympics
Fast Company
Youth was served at the birthplace of the Games as 22-year-old Justin Gatlin prevailed in one of the swiftest 100-meter dashes in history
On Top of the World
In dominating the field en route to a third straight gold medal, the U.S. softball team left no doubt that it's the greatest of all time
Flag Jumper
Born in Cuba, living in London and suddenly a citizen of Sudan, triple jumper Yamilé Aldama is the ultimate nation-hopping Olympian
Break Out the Bubbly
In a roller-coaster week for U.S. swimmers, Michael Phelps won eight medals, but his finest stroke may have been an act of kindness
Going Out With A Bang
With a semifinal win over Germany, the U.S. women's soccer team overcame internal turmoil and gave its retiring stars a shot at gold
Emotional Decision
Disappointed after falling just short of a gold medal in women's wrestling, Sara McMann found perspective in a far greater loss
Jostling across a no-man's-land from the athletes brings out the media's journalistic blood lust as well as their anthropological traits
The Quiet Warrior
He's been called the most talented player in baseball, but Vladimir Guerrero doesn't want to talk about that. He'd much rather tell you about his large family and his mom's home cooking
In 1974 Jimmy Connors ignited a tennis boom with his wicked metal racket, his storybook romance, his vulgar antics and his renegade behavior. Thirty years later he still thumbs his nose at the game's establishment
Inside Baseball
Inside The NFL
Inside College Football
The Life of Reilly
Hats Out of Hell
You've heard about the salary cap, but what about the sullied cap? Players love the grungy look, but to execs and umps it's just another wardrobe malfunction
The 19-year-old gold-medal-winning figure skater is covering the Athens Olympics as a reporter for New York City's WCBS-TV.