September 12, 2004

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: SI Adventure
Chocolate Thunder
Danelle Ballengee, the world's greatest female adventure racer, runs--and paddles, pedals, climbs and snowshoes--on candy power
The Perfect Storms
Extreme weather conditions send surfers around the world chasing some of the biggest waves of the summer
Minors Allowed
Look out, Cleveland! From Sept. 15 to 19 the city will play host to the Gravity Games. Of the 170 skaters, BMX and freestyle motoX riders, nearly 25% will be in their teens. Here's the scoop on seven rising stars.
The Lineup
College Football
College football's first full weekend answered some burning questions and raised a few new ones. Can Colorado recover from last winter's recruiting scandal?
Pro Football
Hello, Rookie
When a passionate response is needed, Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. is more than happy to answer the call
Jump Starter
No Nomar? No problem! The arrival of defensive whiz Orlando Cabrera helped jolt the Red Sox back to life--and put them on the tail of the suddenly shaky Yankees
Hitting It Big
Ichiro Suzuki and Barry Bonds are showing no signs of letting up as they close in on league batting titles
Crash Course
The Dolphins traded for wide receiver Marty Booker just 22 days before the opener. Here's what he's had to learn
Inside Tennis
Left Out
Where have all the southpaws gone? Once a major force in tennis, they were barely in evidence at the U.S. Open
Ice and Easy
Ending hockey's labor woes isn't difficult--if the NHL and the players can agree on the one move that will give the league a chance to survive
Endorsement Check
Kobe's clean in the eyes of the law, but that doesn't mean he has a fresh slate with advertisers and the customers they covet. Would you buy a retro jersey from this man?
A teenager's fat lip has Red Sox fans believing their World Series hex is over
Under Control
Four years after wildness derailed his career, Rick Ankiel is back in the bigs