Divine Madness
It's not the oldest rivalry, but Boston College--Notre Dame creates enough passion to make it one of the best
SI Players
Baseball Playoffs
The Hits Kept Coming
The Yankees and the Red Sox took their cuts at conventional October wisdom by slugging it out in a classic and contentious American League Championship Series
Battle of the Big Bats
Showcasing their power, the Astros' Carlos Beltran and the Cardinals' Albert Pujols carried their teams by bashing home run after home run in a tight NLCS
Putting in the Overtime
As the stakes get higher and runs grow increasingly important late in postseason games, teams are calling on their closers to pitch more than one inning
Twin Engines
A unique bond between coach Herman Edwards and quarterback Chad Pennington has helped propel the Jets to the best start in franchise history
The Real Thing
Braylon Edwards is the best wideout in the nation and the unquestioned leader of resurgent Michigan. But it took four years for his head to catch up to his talent
College Football
Again, the BCS Gets It Wrong
The new, improved Bowl Championship Series formula was supposed to solve the problems of last season. So why is Oklahoma--No. 2 in both polls--on the outside looking in this week?
NBA Preview 2004-05
Relentless in his racing around the court and tireless in his ambition to improve his game, Richard Hamilton is an old-style scoring force
NBA Preview 2004-05: Scouting Reports
7 Orlando Magic
What does the club that had the worst record do next? Unload four starters
Inside College Football
Rock Steady
Since taking over as Florida State's quarterback, unheralded sophomore Wyatt Sexton has been unflappable
Inside The NFL
What's This?
Redskins coach Joe Gibbs came back to a different NFL, a league in which the defenses are dictating the play
Pull Up a Chair
After more than five decades as a coach, general manager and president of the Boston Celtics, Red Auerbach has a storehouse of entertaining tales to share
Jock the Vote
Democrats and Republicans have been playing a hardball version of Who's the Bigger Sports Fan. But there's an excess of spin on their political pitches
USC's Biggest Fan
Larger-than-life Arena Football League commissioner David Baker won't let anything keep him from his son's college football games