On The Scene
Blue Devils
Dennis Byrd
'He Has the Strength'
Dennis Byrd of the Jets lies partially paralyzed in a New York hospital, fighting the odds—as he has so often helped others to do
A Tidy Finish
Saved at the end by its defense, Alabama won the SEC's first title game to set up a Sugar Bowl showdown with No. 1 Miami
Dennis Green
The Color Purple
It's the only one that counts with Dennis Green, who has sold the Vikings on his belief that hard work wins football games
Bird & Magic
The Two and Only
During their glorious 13-year rivalry, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson measured themselves by one standard: each other
Every Time They Met
Here, for posterity, are the box scores of each of the 38 games in which Bird and Magic took the floor against each other
All That Glitters
All That Glitters
Two winners and two losers from the '92 Olympic Games reflect on the important lesson that they all learned: To compete is the greatest prize
Point After