September 13, 1992

NFL '92
A Flying Start
With a healthy Randall Cunningham and a recharged Herschel Walker, the Philadelphia Eagles helped launch the season by beating the New Orleans Saints
Rise and Shine
Decathlete Dan O'Brien atoned for recent failures by breaking Daley Thompson's eight-year-old world record
Jose Canseco
USC-San Diego State
Going Their Ways
A 31-31 tie reflected the divergent fortunes of San Diego State and USC
Bobby Fischer
The Fischer King
In the surreal setting of war-torn Yugoslavia, reclusive chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer emerged to meet Boris Spassky
The Citadel
What Is The Citadel?
Sir, it is a fortress of duty, a sentinel of responsibility, a bastion of antiquity, a towering bulwark of rigid discipline, instilling within us high ideals, honor, uprightness, loyalty, patriotism, obedience, initiative, leadership, professional knowledge and pride in achievement—from the school handbook
For The Record
Point After