XXV Olympic Summer Games
The U.S. men's basketball team was as good as promised. But will such talent ever come together again? Dream on
Ode to Joy
Carl Lewis exulted along with all of Barcelona's gold medalist, many of whom vanquished giants to win their events
'The Best Ever'
Carl Lewis has performed so brilliantly for so long that he has given new definition to excellence
Proving Their Mettle
For two dazzling weeks in Barcelona, the Spanish showed the world that their country has come of age, both on and off the playing field
'I'm Still Strong'
After a thrilling comeback in Barcelona, Magic Johnson talked hearteningly of his future with SI's Jack McCallum
Barcelona Was Pure Gold
What a relief to be able to enjoy an Olympics without international tension
Of Major Interest
Domination of the diamond by the Cubans led to speculation: How would their stars fare in the big leagues?
Synchronized Swimming
Out of Sync
Buoyed by a judge's scoring blunder, Kristen Babb-Sprague of the U.S. floated to gold in the solo competition
Down and Out
A spate of injuries—not to mention inertia—has doomed the season of the moneyed Mets
NFL Questions
For The Record