September 15, 1991

U.S. Open
Phoenix Cardinals
Frank Thomas
Mike Powell
At Long Last
For Mike Powell, the man who broke Bob Beamon's long jump record, becoming a sudden hero required years of perseverance
Lawrence Taylor
At 32, Lawrence Taylor, the ultimate linebacker, takes stock of his 10 years with the New York Giants, some personal setbacks and his place in white America
College Report
Branca & Thomson
Side By Side
Former Brooklyn Dodger Ralph Branca and New York Giant Bobby Thomson have been linked for 40 years by the most famous home run of them all
First Person
Afternoon of a Fawn
If it weren't for Jessie Betts's skating dress, the author wouldn't have had this close encounter of the deer kind
For The Record
Point After
One Good Joe
Even in this anniversary year, Joe DiMaggio is best remembered as a regular guy from the Wharf