NFL Plus
Double Exposure
Picabo Street (above)and Hilary Lindh of the U.S. dueled for an edge...and put themselves at the summit of the women's World Cup downhill rankings
Head Injuries
A Bell Is Rung
With two concussions in '94, the Rams' Chris Miller knows too well the scary symptoms—pain and disorientation
Pro Basketball
New Bounce In Big D
With the help of an old warrior and a wonder Kidd, the Dallas Mavericks are on the rebound after two deflating NBA seasons
NCAA Soccer
Pro Football
Sportswoman And Sportsman Of The Year
Sportswoman Of The Year
Sportsman Of The Year
giving his all
Johann Olav Koss set the standard in something even more important than Olympic speed skating—generosity of spirit
The Covers
High School Football
Point After