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From the Editor
Air and Space
Sportsman of the Year
The Ultimate Teammate
The Super Bowl rings are nice, but his greatest achievement grows out of a generosity of spirit that makes him a leader in the toughest times
One for Mama
Just hours after the death of his mother, the Astros' ace took the mound and delivered a crucial late-season win
Auto Focus
For a 23-year-old rookie to appreciate her historic accomplishment at the Indy 500, she first had to make it to the finish line
Swing Shift
In trouble in the U.S. Open final against Andre Agassi, the Swiss wizard reached deep and recovered his magic touch
Choice Words
During a key timeout the Baylor team got the boost it needed to complete a glorious season and uplift a tarnished school
Relief Corps
For the second time in four years, the worst of catastrophes brought out the best in athletes, most notably NFL players
Iraq War Veterans
Life of Reilly
King Strut
Whether they know it or not, today's TD celebrators owe a debt to a '50s wrestler who virtually invented the idea of athletic vanity