SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus
To Honor The Father
Coal miner Terry Helms always wanted a better life for his son, Nick. But it took Terry's death in the Sago mine cave-in to allow Nick to act on his dream of becoming a pro golfer
Leading Off
Air and Space
SI Players: Life On and Off the Field
Who's Your Papi?
What drives David Ortiz, the supersized Red Sox slugger, is his resentment of the ball club that did him wrong ... and the fighting spirit of his late mother, Angela Rosa
The Ortiz Shift
With the location of every batted ball meticulously charted, defensive positioning is becoming increasingly customized
oh, No!
All the confidence the U.S. team built coming off a strong showing four years ago blew up in a devastating 3-0 opening defeat to the Czech Republic. Now it's on to a must-win match with hellbent Italy
The Invisible Finals
In an inspired performance, the Hurricanes and rookie goaltender Cam Ward were closing in on the first NHL championship of the postlockout era. Too bad no one was watching
A King Ruled by A Prince
Second-ranked Rafael Nadal defended his French Open title by continuing his domination of No. 1 Roger Federer and spoiling his rival's Grand Slam bid
My Toy, My Team, MY TIME
No owner is more wired into his players and fans than Mark Cuban, the ref-berating, serial blogging face of the Mavs who stands on the brink of (gulp!) ruling the NBA
The Big Doughnut
Two games into the Finals there was a hole in the middle of the Heat offense where Shaq usually reigns supreme. The Mavericks used all their 7-footers to gang up on the Diesel and shut him down
Life of Reilly
The Sweet Songs of Soccer
English fans sing to their star, "There'sonly one Michael Owen." After a fellow Brit was rumored to be schizophrenic, opposing fans chanted, "There's only two Andy Gorams."
Strange Days
Rounder balls? Hit birdsmen? It was a week of odd sports moments