Air and Space
SI Players: Life On and Off the Field
Joy Ride
Fueled by putdowns and cutups, the slaphappy Mets-a franchise whose revival is way ahead of schedule-are dominating the National League
2006 World Cup
Surreal World
In a mad, mad final match, Italy rode its stalwart defense to a fourth championship, while the greatest player of his generation left the field in infamy after a shocking moment of mindless rage
Pro Football
Home, Where the Heart Is
Joe Jurevicius is thrilled that he'll be playing in front of family and friends for his beloved Browns in 2006, but that joy is tempered by a loss he'll feel forever
Got Any More Questions?
Could Roger Federer finally beat a certain Spaniard? Could Amélie Mauresmo master her nerves on the biggest stage? Both players delivered their answers-forcefully-at Wimbledon
Coming Into Focus
It took startling transformations—from callow prodigy to thoughtful champion, from punk to philanthropist, from conflicted son to devoted father—for Andre Agassi to finally see the big picture, and he's still searching for answers
Life of Reilly