SI Bonus Section: SI Fantasy Plus Premier Edition
Mock Draft 2006
A dozen of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's savviest stalwarts gathered in early August to divide up the fantasy football world. Who chose wisely? Who screwed up? You make the call
Sweet dreams! You'll sleep more soundly if you draft one or more of these perennially productive players
SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus
Second Annual Junior Golfer Survey
SI asked a group of teenagers, all serious golfers, for their opinions on equipment, tour players and if they'd vote for a Democrat or a Republican for president
Air and Space
SI Players: Life On And Off The Field
Power Moves
The rookie started core training in earnest last January. By the NFL combine he was faster, stronger and more explosive. People noticed
Baseball Central
The once-comical AL Central is now the best division in the majors. For six days the author traveled through the new center of the baseball universe and found bullpen bar bedlam, ersatz Elvises and more than a hint of October
A Man Born for the Job
Inspired by his father, whose stance against the Vietnam War cost him a Senate seat, new NFL commissioner Roger Goodell understands the tough decisions
Postcards from The Edge
Life couldn't be better for Edgerrin James--he's got a fat contract, a starring role in a high-powered offense, a state-of-the-art stadium and an Arizona Cardinals team that's finally ready to win
2006 College Football Preview
Troy Smith
What a difference a year makes. The Buckeyes' signal-caller has gone from suspended and shamed platoon player to the toast of Columbus
Quentin Moses
The Dawgs' sack artist always dreamed of being a hoops star, but once he got over that fixation, he became a smash hit in Athens
The Biggest Man On Campus
Overshadowed among this year's Heisman candidates, Cal's quiet but explosive running back has the tools—and the supporting cast—to win the most coveted award in college football.
Big Men On Campus
They're not necessarily the largest, the fastest or the best in the country at their positions, but each of these nine collegians will play a huge role in his team's success this season. Their value is measured in a variety of ways--athleticism, strength, determination and a love for the action on Saturday afternoons-- and for good reasons they are all ...
2006 College Football Preview
Life of Reilly
Return Flight
News of a foiled terrorist plot brought back difficult memories for the former basketball player who helped subdue the "Shoe Bomber"
Identity Crisis
When athletes share the same name, bad things can happen to good people