SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus
SI Bonus Section: SI Fantasy Plus
Tight is Right
O.K., so they haven't been the smash hits of the season as predicted, but tight ends can still make the difference for your team down the stretch
NFL Midseason Report
Bear Necessity
From football in the street of a South Texas border town, guard Roberto Garza has worked his way into a prominent role on Chicago's resurgent offensive line
The Rookie Revolution
First-year players have made an instant impact this year--a well-schooled army of NFL-ready newcomers who are forcing their way onto the field and taking the league by storm
Worth the Wait
The Chargers jumped through hoops to get quarterback Philip Rivers--then sat him for two seasons. Finally given command, he's playing with veteran poise
The All-Pro Notebook
At the midpoint of the season it's too early to pick an All-Pro team--but not to start identifying emerging players who may be earning their way onto this year's elite lineup
Air and Space
Oklahoma City has some of the NBA's most rabid fans and a bevy of sponsors, but the Hornets' nest could be empty next season--or it could be the new home of the Sonics
SI Players: Life On and Off the Field
Nine-and-a-Half Weeks
Losing weight, helping Mama and making "friends"--are we having fun yet?
College Football
From Least To Beast
Two years after the Big East was almost disbanded, Louisville beat West Virginia in a Top 10 showdown that put the league back on the map. Next up: The No. 3 Cardinals meet undefeated Rutgers
B Is for BCS Buster
Taking a lead from its entrepreneurial, garment-crocheting tailback, Boise State may bejust three victories away from securing a spot in one of the five biggest bowls
The Loud Man
After making enemies with his mouth, the Kings' insult-tossing, starlet-dating Sean Avery is trying to win admirers with his play
The Gospel According to Ray Lewis
The Gospel According to Ray
Ray Lewis has a story to tell, of persecution and redemption, of fathers and sons, of pain caused and pain endured. The trials he's suffered--and Lord knows there have been many--are all part of a master plan
Life of Reilly
Marathon Man
It was harder than taking the Tour, but Lance Armstrong conquered New York—and showed that he shines even when lost in a crowd