SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus
What's the Problem?
LPGA commissioner Carolyn Bivens has increased purses, brought in deep-pocketed new sponsors and made the players' needs priority one. So why isn't she getting more love?
SI Bonus Section: SI Fantasy Plus
10 Telling Tussles
The weeks are dwindling, and the fantasy playoffs loom, setting up these games as the ones that will make or break your season
Air and Space
SI Players: Life On And Off The Field / Thanksgiving Special
The Buckeyes Have It
In a classic showdown played just hours after the death of a Wolverines legend, No. 1 Ohio State edged No. 2 Michigan to earn a spot in the national title game--where the two teams could meet again
The Cover Two defense has a storied lineage that runs from the Steel Curtain in the '70s to today's stifling Chicago Bears unit. Here's where it comes from, how it works--and how to beat it
Quirk Study
Clippers center Chris Kaman is often reduced to his eccentricities and his hair, er, style, but there's more to his story--and to his $52 million game
A Champ at Last
A gritty racer under all that corporate polish, oft-frustrated Jimmie Johnson--NASCAR's premier driver over the past four years--dodged trouble at Homestead and finally won his first Nextel Cup points title
The Well-Guarded Guard
It took three very tough and determined brothers to foster the talents of a young Derrick Rose and protect him from a miasma of Chicago gangs, dealers, hangers-on and, perhaps scariest of all, agents
Magnet School
Lake Howell High is leading a local hoops boom that is turning central Florida into a must-see destination for college recruiters
Life of Reilly
World Beater
He won 95% of his matches and opened an oceanic gap on the No. 2 player. This year Roger Federer became the MJ of tennis