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Late Sleepers
Think your league's waiver wire is picked clean? Don't be so sure. Here are 10 impact (and probably available) players to grab for the season's final weeks
From the Editor
Air and Space
SI Players: Life On and Off the Field
SI Players
The Perfect 10
Figuring in regular-season stats and strength of schedule, RISE's top football analyst,Jon Mahoney, offers the very best players on both sides of the ball for 2006
Football America
Tests of strength and endurance, emotions running furiously high, individuals primed to function as a unit, as exhilarating for fans as it is for competitors--played at any level, only one game has it all
Make or Break
Backyard Brawls? Civil Wars? As last week proved, annual games between college enemies are sports' greatest events--each able to define a season and cause 364 days of agony or ecstasy
Huck Finn's Last Ride
For 15 years Brett Favre has been the NFL's answer to Mark Twain's barefoot scamp--forever young and reckless. But nothing lasts forever, and the chattering heads think it's time for him to retire. Pray that they're wrong
In the Moment
In a year that has tested him like no other, Tom Brady showed--with one sublime, supremely unlikely move--why he and the Patriots may yet be a Super Bowl team
Life of Reilly
Dueling Thomas
Larry Brown has moved on, but Isiah Thomas, his embattled successor as the Knicks' coach, has found plenty of others to feud with this season
Q&A Matthew Fox
The 40-year-old actor (Lost) plays former Marshall assistant football coach Red Dawson in We Are Marshall, which opens on Dec. 22