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‘Diamond’ Dallas Page and Jake Roberts Teaming With Conrad Thompson for New ‘DDP Snakepit’ Podcast

The two old friends will mix it up on a new show debuting next month.

Wrestling legends “Diamond” Dallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts are teaming up with Conrad Thompson for a new podcast.

DDP Snakepit will launch Jan. 4 on the new Podcast Heat network, exploring a variety of topics, including the world of professional wrestling, in a format Page says will differ from Thompson’s plethora of shows.

“Me and Jake have so many years together and memories and stories, and we think people are going to get a lot out of this,” Page says. “Now, initially, I didn’t want to do a podcast. There are just so many out there. Then Jake said to me, ‘I know you won’t do one. But do one with me.’ I said I’d do it on one condition, and that’s if we got Conrad Thompson. He’s built something special, and I really respect him for it. So since Connie’s in, we’re going to do it.”

​The friendship between Page and Roberts goes back decades, even predating Page’s career in wrestling. That will open up avenues for all kinds of discussion, especially with Thompson directing the conversation.

“Jake was my mentor when I was nothing,” Page says. “When I was coming up, Jake was there for me. He was such a huge star, and I was looking for my break. Then I remember back in 1997, when I got a phone call from him during my run in WCW, and I’ll always remember what he said. ‘Congratulations,’ he said. ‘For what?’ I asked him. And he said, ‘For reinventing the DDT.’

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“Imagine having your mentor congratulate you on reinventing the move of the ’80s? We’ve always been there for each other, and now we get to share a different side of what we’ve been through together on the podcast.”

DDP Snakepit was first announced by Page during his appearance over the weekend on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. And given that Page is a meticulous planner, he already has a number of topics in mind for the show.

“We’ll go deep into why I helped Jake, which led to the Resurrection of Jake the Snake film,” Page says. “People are going to learn a lot of new info here. We’ll talk about wrestling, and we’re going to be reviewing [the Starz series] Heels, which is a fascinating show. I read the original script, and I wanted that Wild Bill character real bad. Now, the guy they got [Chris Bauer] is great. He’s f------ Wild Bill. Those motherf------ on that show were incredible, and we’re going to talk a lot about that, too.”

Exploring a variety of topics on a weekly basis will also allow Page a chance to connect regularly with his vast fan base.

“People are going to be entertained and get new pieces of knowledge every episode,” Page says. “You’ll get insight on how we really think. We’re going to look at a different side of wrestling, and something really special is going to happen when we’re together on the show.”

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