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Wind May Have Given Quarterbacks Chance to Learn Some More

After working inside due to weather, Razorbacks went outside and found a stiff breeze
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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Warnings about the Arkansas Razorbacks' competition at quarterback through the first two days are equally balanced with the apparent results from Tuesday's morning's outside practice. They didn't look nearly as sharp with a gusty wind.

It made the defense look a little better because the passing game struggled with the first exposure in the spring outside, with one of those Northwest Arkansas winds that occasionally blow through in the fall. It's part of the development process. It's also why we shouldn't read too much into each individual practice, especially with the constantly-changing weather.

While everybody looks pretty sharp practicing inside, things changed for the offense going outside. One guy's name keeps standing out among the defensive backs. Freshman Selman Bridges keeps making plays. He did that during indoor practice, too, breaking up passes and being somebody the receivers have to look for on routes.

Maybe the biggest change is getting adjusted to new offensive coordinator Bobby Petrino's offense and the pace involved. Tight end Luke Hasz has seen the difference after a much different feel last year.

"It’s been awesome," Hasz said after practice. "It’s been really exciting just to learn from his perspective, what he’s going to do with the tight ends and just the offense in general. Having ’keyes back and Andreas coming is going to be really good for us. He’s (Petrino) been great and I think he’s going to be really good for us as tight ends and also for the team."

In the work-in-progress offensive line, San Jose transfer Fernando Carmona is finding an adjustment. He's having to deal with a lot of stuff, plus having to go against Landon Jackson in practice, who at times is just blowing past people.

"It feels like almost a million things going on at one time," Carmona said after practice. "It’s really fun to be a part of cause there’s so much going on, and he kind of just lets us play as offensive linemen. Just run. Get going and be physical at the same time, so it’s been a lot of fun."

Those million things is what all of the offense has to learn. It's one of the keys for a Petrino offense because it keeps a defense constantly adjusting. The Razorbacks will continue spring practice with another day of workouts Thursday morning. The weather forecast calls for some afternoon rain in that area, but they'll have things wrapped up by then.


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