Pitt wide receiver Taysir Mack (11) and quarterback Kenny Pickett (8) talk

The Winds of Change Are Blowing in College Football

From the ACC to the Heisman race, things are looking different than usual in the sport this fall.

LSU flags fly at the Tigers' game vs. Florida

Forde-Yard Dash: Is LSU or USC the Better Job?

Plus, four murky Power 5 situations that could be the next to open up on the coaching market.


What a 12-Team Playoff Would Look Like After Week 7

Last weekend’s results jostled the field, and SI's hypothetical postseason bracket now includes two teams from the state of Oklahoma.

Barcelona, Manchester United and Inter Milan are feeling the heat in Champions League

Some Champions League Clubs Are Already Feeling the Heat

For a select few desperate to cling to elite status, the halfway mark of the group stage brings about potential inflection points in their respective seasons.

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