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Why Did Gerry Bohanon Ultimately Choose USF?

With Missouri and Oklahoma in the mix, the former Bear took a risk.

In a Baylor eulogy to former starting quarterback Gerry Bohanon, Locked On Baylor host Drake Toll is joined by Robert Steeg of the Daily Stampede to close the book of Bohanon at Baylor. Steeg, a longtime South Florida analyst, breaks down how Bohanon's visit to Tampa made the university his eventual landing spot out of the transfer portal. With Missouri and Oklahoma once on the table for the Sugar Bowl-winning quarterback, many Baylor fans, including Drake, have still been wracking their brains to understand why Bohanon would leave for Tampa. Although Steeg doesn't have it all mapped out himself, it's starting to make more sense.

Drake then takes a deep dive into Steeg's reaction to Bohanon joining the Bulls. From a South Florida fan's point of view, how is the addition of the former Baylor quarterback viewed? Well, with the returning pieces and transfer portal additions the team brings back, Bohanon is a lighthouse pointing in the direction of a .500 season — a godsend for the bottom-dweller Bulls. South Florida nation is ready for someone to step in and deliver their program a bowl game. And at 3-18 over the last two years, any bowl game will suffice.


The guys round out the show by talking about Jeff Scott and the Bulls' schedule next season. Bohanon will have the opportunity to prove his worth against teams like BYU, Florida, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF. An aspiring NFL draftee, Bohanon, who is still beloved by Baylor faithful, will have a shot to propel his draft stock — even in Tampa.