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Aaron Rodgers Trash Talks to Promote 'The Match'

Former Cal star hypes televised charity golf event in which he and Tom Brady face Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen

Former Cal star Aaron Rodgers is a pretty good promoter when it involves a little trash talk.

During a media event on Wednesday to hype The Match, a televised charity golf event scheduled for June 1, Rodgers made it clear he thinks he and partner Tom Brady will beat their young-buck opponents Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

"I know they tried to make it old guys versus young guys, but I said it when we were doing our chipping [contest] that they showed yesterday," Rodgers said, according to "I said, 'Who thought about this, you want to put the two best guys against the two worst guys?' And that's not just conjecture, that's, like, facts."

Here is a video of the chipping contest won decisively by the old guys, with Rodgers saying, "Why are they even in this? Isn't this supposed to be competitive?"

Rodgers added the old guys are better trash talkers, an art that is being lost on the next generation of NFL stars.

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"When we started [in the NFL], definitely when [Brady] started and when I started playing, there was actual, real trash talk. Like, guys trash-talked each other and there was a lot of good s--- talk, and we knew who they were around the league," Rodgers said, according to the report. "And now, it's more buddy-buddy, you know, social media following each other, memes, this emoji s---, and it's not the same. So, when you talk about Kermit the Frog [Mahomes, per memes] and Josh [Allen] trying to s--- talk me and Tom, a couple old-school, grizzled vets. Come on."

The question is whether these verbal jabs will cause anyone to turn to TNT to watch four NFL quarterbacks play a round of golf.


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