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Cal OLB: Igbinoghodua Osasenaga Orobosa Oluwatosin Akinwale Joshua Samuel Isibor

Full name of the UCLA transfer is a mouthful, but you can call him Odua, and you can probably call him a starter
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Pity the TV announcer:

“Starting at outside linebacker for Cal is Igbinoghodua Osasenaga Orobosa Oluwatosin Akinwale Joshua Samuel Isibor.”

That, folks, is the full name of the UCLA transfer who is a good bet to be a starting outside linebacker for the Golden Bears this season.

That’s not the end of it, though.

His driver’s license lists him as Igbinoghodua Orobosa Samuel Isibor. 

His mother calls him Osasenaga.

He goes by Odua, although there is ambiguity as to its pronunciation. Some say OH-du-ah; some say oh-DU-ah. He says either is fine; it’s just a nickname.

It leaves one unanswered question: Amid all those beautiful Nigerian names, where did Joshua Samuel come from? “That’s a great question,” Isibor said. “I have no idea. I should probably ask my parents.”

Watch and listen to the video atop the story to hear Isibor rattle off his entire name.

The bottom line is that Isibor is making an impact at a key big-play position in the Cal defense, a position manned by Cameron Goode the past several years.

“[He’s] probably even better than what we expected to be honest with you,” Cal head coach Justin Wilcox said. “He’s a smart guy. He’s got power. He’s got play experience. He’s a guy that’s certainly going to have a significant role for us.”

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And Isibor will have that significant role at a position very different from the one he had at UCLA, where he was an interior defensive lineman for four years, playing in 42 games, including 14 starts.

Isibor says he weighed 262 pounds as a defensive tackle at UCLA, which is light for the position. Cal’s projected starting front three average 305 pounds. So it’s no wonder he likes to change, which required him to drop 12 pounds.

“I definitely enjoy playing outside,” he said. “I love the versatility. I definitely enjoy rushing on the edge too, standing up. It’s a different feel, so it’s fun.”

It should be more fun to be at a position where he can get sacks, tackles for loss and interceptions rather than at a position that basically requires a player to plug up the middle.

He had no problems at UCLA, which visits Berkeley for a nationally televised Friday afternoon game against Cal on November 25

“I just thought it was time to move on a find a new venture,” he said.

At Cal he is pursuing a certificate in business administrate while also finishing up his master’s program at UCLA online. It’s very possible he will receive a certificate and a master’s degree at about the same time this school year.

“Hey, God is good,” he said.


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