Cal Football: Offensive Line Goes Blond

Jake Curtis

Offensive linemen have a habit of doing something, uh, unusual before a bowl game as a sign of unity. This season Cal’s O-linemen chose to dye their hair blond. The look is . . . interesting.

Nearly all the big men up front displayed the platinum hairdo during Friday’s practice, and offensive tackle Valentino Daltoso did the modeling of the new look after Friday’s practice.

He noted he wasn’t completely satisfied with the look, and plans to go through the dying process again to get a brighter shade of blond.

“I’m doing it one more time,” he said in the above video. “It’s a little orange today, so it’ll be, like, a little more blond tomorrow. I got a little darker hair so some of the lighter-haired guys had really nice bleached hair.”

You can see in the photo below that Daltoso’s hair during the season was quite dark.

daltoso 2
Valentino Daltoso with his regular-season look. Photo by Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports

Daltoso noted offensive linemen sometimes do unusual things as a sign of camaraderie and unity. They are often identified as a unit rather than individuals.

“Some guys look a lot better than others,” he said. “I think as a group we’re the best-looking group on the team.”

Midway through the video below, after talking about Friday’s practice, head coach Justin Wilcox was asked whether the offensive linemen lost a bet.

“You’d think,” he said. “If that was voluntary, we need to re-evaluate some things.”

They did not try to get Wilcox to dye his hair.

“Oh, they know better than that,” he said. 

Wilcox also noted that players looked like they had been off for a week in Friday’s practice, but obviously the offensive linemen are maintaining a level of creativity.

Cal's offensive linemen may not have pulled off the fashion shocker that Marie Osmond did recently, but . . .