What's Your Opinion on Pac-12 Players' Demands and Threat to Opt-Out?

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Jake Curtis

We want to know what your think.

A group of Pac-12 players have made a series of demands ranging from COVID-19 health concerns, to racial injustices to financial gain by players, among other things. They are threatening to opt-out of practices and games if their demands are not satisfied.

This promises to be a contentious, polarizing issue that is likely to produce passionate agruments on both sides.

Are players out of line for asking for more than a full scholarship to a college of their choice where they can play the game they love?

Are football players well within their rights to voice concerns about the health practices they are operating under as well as other issues, considering they play a game that brings in so much money for the coaches and schools?

Are the players taking a bold, brave step that can change the course of college football, or are they stepping out of line and endangering a big-time sport?

Should coaches be sympathic to the players' cause, or should they apply hard-line rules for participation?

And all these questions are being asked in the context of a world-wide pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Please tell us where you stand, because opinion may differ based on the region of the country in which your live.

Give us your opinion in the space below provided for "Comments." Provide your name, the city you live in and your opinion on the matter. You can say as much as you want and we may publish some of the answers in a story about the public's opinion of the players' actions.

We want to know what the public thinks.

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Comments (3)
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Ok, having read more on the subject, it appears that Rolovich of WSU, is NOT taking a confrontational stance with his players.


They have quite an extensive list. They should get some clarification on a lot of them. Pretty gutsy to put themselves on the line the way they did. I'm wondering, are they saying every demand must be met met or they don't play? What I find most interesting at this point is that Daltoso said that his coach, Wilcox, told him that he wouldn't hold it against him that he was trying to improve things. Contrast this with the new WSU coach, who seems to have taken a confrontational stance with his players that are involved. This approach seems sure to cause collateral damage no matter how things turn out.


My feeling is that if they opt out for the season because of COVID, then they should get an extra year of eligibility. For anything else my feeling is if they are unhappy, then they should pursue their football dreams elsewhere.