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Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney has had the luxury of having one of the most injury-free teams each of the last five seasons. But like many things in 2020, that changed this season.

Entering their game at Notre Dame the Tigers were without quarterback Trevor Lawrence and three defensive starters (Tyler Davis, James Skalski and Mike Jones Jr.).

During the course of the 47-40 double-overtime loss to the Fighting Irish, the Tigers also lost defensive tackle Bryan Bresee, safety Nolan Turner, safety Lannden Zanders, cornerback Andrew Booth Jr.,  defensive end Justin Mascoll and wide receiver Frank Ladson

"Skalski is really doing well. He definitely is still not ready. He's not, I wouldn't say day-to-day he's, he's not ready this week," Swinney said Tuesday. "You know we're hopeful for him that he will be able to get back with us next week. Ladson is going to be out. I think I've already said that but he, he had a little spot in his foot, that flared up at Notre Dame. So we just gotten back with his hip and then he kind of hotspot on his foot so anyway he's, he's out this week. Same thing, though we're hopeful that we'll get him back next week. But everybody else is what I would say day-to-day. And, you know, so we're, we're in a much better place and hopefully, that'll continue to be the trend.".

The Tigers used their off week to get healthy, which has been a challenge.

"It's been a, it's been a weekly challenge as it has been for everybody. All year long," Swinney said. "Just having continuity and consistency. When we tweak. But, you know, it's 2020, that's kind of like I said the story for everyone, it seems."

Heading into the Tigers matchup with Florida State Saturday (noon, ABC) the Tigers will be as close to full-strength as they have been in recent weeks.

Wednesday night Swinney further addressed the health of the Tigers.

"I mean we've got a couple guys I know we're gonna be out but, you know, who knows what happens between now and Saturday morning," Swinney said. "I don't even worry about it anymore. I just, you know, let's see who's ready, who's available and let's go play. But I do feel a lot better about several guys that, you know, are definitely in that day to day category and so we're hopeful. 

"But I will say this, we're really trending in a positive direction we've dealt with a lot. Hopefully we got the worst behind this but we are trending a good direction, some of these guys like I like Ruke (Orhorhoro) for example. He is really really made great progress and we're gonna get him back by the V Tech. 

"So we've got several guys that I feel like are really really close. Skalski is going to be out this week, man. He's, he's really been well. Frank's getting better. We've got got a bunch of the guys that are listed his day-to-day, able to go."