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Clemson Basketball: Former Clemson sharpshooter shares thoughts on current drought

Terrence Oglesby took to social media to defend Clemson coach Brad Brownell and the team during their current losing streak.

After another tough loss, this time to Virginia Tech, the Clemson fanbase has become frustrated. Despite a tremendous start that had fans dreaming about a tourney run in March, the wheels are starting to wobble a bit as momentum has come to an almost complete halt over the last month. 

Because Virginia Tech wasn't ranked at the time of the game, and Clemson, after already losing two in a row, didn't ever really look capable of winning in Blacksburg, there's a growing sense of panic. Former Clemson star Terrence Oglesby took to social media to try and calm fans down.

Oglesby hit the seventh most 3's in Clemson basketball history and also holds the fourth and eighth best seasons for 3's in a single year. Between his experience as a former player and his current work as an analyst for the Charlotte Hornets, he seems like a pretty reputable source.

Terrance Oglesby Clemson basketball

Terrance Oglesby (22) celebrates with his teammates after a win over Virginia Tech in 2008.

While this season may be taking a downturn for the moment the post's point still stands and it's simply this: don't overreact and throw the baby out with the bath water. Brownell will deservedly take some criticism for losing streaks but when nobody expected the Tigers to start as hot as they did, he deserves credit for that too.

Clemson's next two games are both winnable at home against Boston College and Georgia Tech respectively, so there's plenty of time to right the ship before it goes belly up. 

Also, just for fun, another Clemson fan account tried to (poorly) joke that Oglesby must be new to Clemson basketball for his defense of Brownell and the team. Not one to lose a marketing opportunity the player-turned-broadcaster fired back with a new t-shirt line that many fans will find quite amusing.