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Hunter Tyson Goes OFF in NBA Summer League

Former Clemson product leads the way for the reigning NBA champion Denver Nuggets

In what was a rematch of the 2023 NBA Finals just last month - albeit without any of the stars who played in those games - it was a former Clemson player who shined the brightest. Hunter Tyson, who was selected with the 37th overall pick by the NBA champion Denver Nuggets has had some impressive moments that have led many to believe there's a spot for the forward in the NBA.

With Peyton Watson being held out for the rest of Summer League there was an opening for Tyson to step up and fill that void. Fill it he did as he went off for 31 points with ridiculous efficiency. Looking at a box score and seeing 11-13 from the field and 7-9 from 3 is going to raise the eyebrows for Nuggets supporters who are looking for a young talent that can come in and help the franchise build on its most recent success.

Clemson Athletics

Clemson Athletics

The scoring burst helped boost Denver to their first victory of the 2023 Las Vegas Summer League and it was made even sweeter coming against the same team they battled for the NBA Title just a month ago. The 6'8 forward is now averaging 21.75 points, 6 rebounds, a 2 assists on a truly impressive 58.3% from the field and 51.7% from 3 in 4 games. He did all that while only averaging 27 minutes a game as well. In this day and age finding a player who can score efficiently without needing many touches is a role player that many teams in this league are coveting. 

Minutes on the big league team might be hard to come by with players like Michael Porter Jr. and Aaron Gordon firmly solidified in their spots. Still, the NBA season is a long one and it's a safe bet that Tyson may find himself with an opportunity to prove this most recent run of play wasn't a fluke.