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Deion Sanders took the sports world by storm last year and left his mark on Colorado. While most people don't see a four-win season as a vast improvement, he put the Buffaloes in a better position going into the Big 12 this year. The "Prime Effect" even hit a former NBA star who believes he could follow a similar path with a college basketball program.

Lamar Odom recently went on the record with Arash Markazi of The Messenger and gave his thoughts about Sanders' rise in Colorado.

"I love what [Sanders] is doing,” Odom said. “I think I could do the same in basketball. You give me a program and I’ll recruit and I’ll take them to the Elite Eight and the Final Four. We’ll definitely be able to sell tickets for the first couple of seasons. That’s for damn sure. I just want to coach. I love to see young men grow and get better. I want us to play the game the right way. I want these young men to represent their school the right way. If you give me a program, I promise you I’m going to live in the gym and turn that team around.”

The NBA journeyman, who won a pair of championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, faces a similar situation that Coach Prime did before he went to Jackson State. Except Sanders' carved his own path after being turned away from major FBS programs. Odom hopes he can start somewhere and work his way up. He also has the same mindset as Sanders.

“I can’t wait to be called Coach Odom or "Coach O". That would be a dream come true for me," Odom said. "I want to coach in college because you have guys who are more willing to learn. I think it will be great to teach college kids. It’s something I’m passionate about. It’s something I want to do. I think it will happen."

Sanders has shot down the idea of coaching in the NFL several times, citing the lack of impact on millionaires. He enjoys being able to mold young men at the college level and helps them break into the professional level. It will be interesting to see if Odom can break into the coaching ranks the same way Prime did.