Conferences and television networks agree to extend deadline

The FBS conferences and television networks have agreed to extend the deadline for scheduling game times in the early portion of the season.
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The major television networks and the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) conferences have agreed to extend the June 1 deadline for scheduling the games in the early portion of the season. 

The networks involved include CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN and their affiliated networks.

"Collectively, the conferences and television networks have agreed to an extension for determining college football’s early-season game times beyond the standard June 1 deadline," The joint statement read. "These kickoff times and network designations will be announced at a later date as we all continue to prepare for the college football season."

This doesn't come as a huge surprise as a lot of the options are still on the table in terms of what a college football season might look like. 

There is no advantage to releasing these times on June 1 when things have changed so rapidly and there is no telling what the situation will look like come late August. 

What is clear is that there is still hope the college football season will start on time. 

College football analyst and forever Buff Joel Klatt tweeted out over the weekend that he fully expects a college football season and said that it is likely it will start on time. 

The University of Colorado released plans on Tuesday for students to return to campus in the fall. 

There is growing optimism and although a set schedule for the games might enhance the optimism even more, there is not enough information out there to fully determine if they can start the college football season on time. 

Or if it is even worth it to start the season on-time.