Remembering CU Buff icon Betty Hoover

Chase Howell

Some fans are just fans and some are icons. 

CU Buff superfan Betty Hoover passed away on Wednesday, at the age 95.

Hoover was more than an icon. She, along with her sister, represented the Colorado Buffaloes. 

Or as Athletic Director Rick George put it, "If you know CU Athletics you know Betty and Peggy."

Buffs fans don't just know of Betty and Peggy Coppom, they adore them. 

You could be at any CU sports game and if they show the twins on the jumbotron, the crowd would go absolutely wild. 

When BuffsCountry reached out to CU fans to find out what their favorite memories of the twins were, many of them said when they got put on the jumbotron--mostly because of the smile it gave them. 

Some may have only been able to experience their joy through the jumbotron, but if you have been lucky enough to meet them, it's something that would last with you forever. 

They almost always have a compliment and a hug waiting for you, no matter who you are, as long as you are a part of the Buff family. 

They were kind of like a mother or a grandmother. Except we were lucky to have two of them. 

And they played that role even more so with the players. They are always there to greet the basketball players after the game, usually with a giant hug. And at football team events, they do the same thing. 

They show the players so much love and they usually get it right back. It has always been that way. Watch how much they love forever Buff Jeremy Bloom. 

And they are always there to provide a shoulder to lean on, through the good times or the bad. And that's why they are so loved by the players.

The way Betty Hoover impacted lives is how she'll be remembered most. There is something so special about that. No matter what you accomplish in life, who you are able to meet, the most important thing is how you impact them because that's how you're going to be remembered. And Betty did that to the fullest. 

Surely we're going to miss seeing Betty at games over the next few seasons. But there's something special about people, icons, that make such a tremendous impact on people's lives:

Legends never die.