Monday Mailbag: Let's talk good news!

Chase Howell

It's been a while since we did a BuffsCountry mailbag so it's about time for another edition of a Monday mailbag but on a Tuesday. 

BuffsCountry reached out to our friends at AllBuffs and they provided the questions for this week's edition. 

All questions are from usernames on AllBuffs. 

zbuff: How does it feel under fire?

So a quick disclaimer for those not on AllBuffs, I told them to feel free to roast me. This question included a beautifully photoshopped image of me on a skewer. When I posed this question, it was after a recent Twitter feud with some upset CU Buffs fans. 

I don't mind being under fire. Anybody that knew me growing up knows I was never afraid of confrontations. If there is something I feel passionate about, I'm not afraid to provide my opinion. I know some aren't going to agree with it. If you're cordial with me, then we can have a little bit of a debate. I feel as though if you're going to have athletes back on campus, they should be tested as often as possible and be forced to go through the necessary precautions. That hasn't been happening at CU so I've been outspoken about it. I don't do things to make people angry, I do them because that's how I feel and if I'm passionate enough about it, I will make sure my voice is heard. 

InTheBuff: What are the odds of fall football? Playing fall football in the spring?

I think the answer to this question almost changes daily. As I write this, Cal and USC have moved their fall classes to online. It's likely the Arizona schools will do the same and some of the other California schools will follow suit. 

I don't think it's right to have athletes on campus if you're not going to have students on campus, whether they are playing games or not. 

At this point, I don't expect a fall football season. I'd put it at around 30 percent if I had to throw a number out there right now. 

I think they will find a way to play football no matter what. If students can't be on-campus, then it might make sense to do a bubble scenario, like professional sports, within the conferences to allow these athletes to play sports. I'm not opposed to moving the Pac-12 to Montana if you want to have a football season. They will play but I have no idea what it will look like. 

torerobuff: Fire Larry Scott? Or at least according to the Oregonian story, potentially buy him out?

The Pac-12 is going to be in a very precarious situation with no football money. It's no secret that he hasn't done a great job with the television deals among other things. He has wasted a lot of money for the Pac-12. If you can find a way to buy out his contract, by all means get rid of him. You have to save money somewhere. 

With that being said, I hope he is recovering well from the coronavirus and can get back to work on figuring out how we're going to be able to have football. 

leftybuff: When will DirecTV pick up the P12 network?

When pigs fly. No, but seriously, I'm not sure if it's a huge deal to get on DirecTV, although I would love it. These television companies are very greedy despite them likely going out of business over the next 10 years. 

Pac-12 needs to be innovators and have their own subscriptions for their TV network. I know so many fans would pay $10 a month (and likely more) just to be able to stream the Pac-12 network. I don't understand why they don't see that as the best solution. 

Guysmiley: Given that a delayed or Spring Season could be in the works, do you think CU will add a grad transfer QB, or just roll with the guys that they have?

They've been on the market looking for transfer quarterbacks and if they can find the right fit by December, I don't see why they wouldn't try and bring him in. 

It sounds like Brendon Lewis has been great during the player-led workouts and there are lots of reasons in believing he's the guy. I think they have enough with Noyer and Lytle behind him. But I will always say you should have four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster. 

Do you think any smaller non-P5 FCS teams will cancel football for the upcoming season?

FCS teams will likely be the first division one schools to move to the spring because they don't have to worry about TV deals or anything like that. We've already seen the Ivy League cancel their season so I do think it will happen. I think most will try and play in the spring. 

WasianCU: Who of our current targets are most likely to be the next commitment?

Unfortunately, you asked this question before the wave of commits. I think it will be Al Ashford. He's built a very strong relationship with Demetrice Martin and I believe it is only a matter of time before he commits. But who knows, one of the other targets could pop out of nowhere. 

Sykobuff: Will CU ever have a winning season again?

It's not about wins. It's about the friends we make along the way. I think people will be sleeping on this team in two years. They have very few seniors graduating this season and I do like the roster outlook for the next few years. Those recruiting classes will pay off and, more importantly, I believe they have natural-born leaders in those classes such as Mark Perry, Carson Lee, Keith Miller and Brenden Rice. 

There's a lot of questions surrounding whether this staff can recruit but I'm not worried about whether they can coach. 2021 or 2022 will be a winning season, you can book it now. 

DavisBuff: Can you provide more insight to QB recruiting for 2021?

Any update on Drew Carter?
Beside Cameron Friel, are the Buffs going after any other QB recruits?
Does Langsdorf recruit one QB at a time or multiple QB's at a time and go with the first to commit?

I believe if Carter was really into CU, he would've committed already. He was the lone target for a while and it's not like he has big-time offers elsewhere. That's just my opinion. 

They will have a chance with Cameron Friel but UNLV has a good recruiting class and he has a great chance to play early there whereas he likely won't have that opportunity at CU. 

Maddox Kopp is the only other offered target that they have a chance with. I think there's more of a chance with Kopp then people think. It will be interesting to see if he adds any other options in the near future. I think he will take his time with the process. 

Langsdorf appears to like to spend most of his time on one target or very few targets, he's not the type to offer a bunch of guys and see which one sticks. 

I'll give you guys a name to keep an eye on: Jordan Woolverton. Now you guys might look up this guy and be like why is Chase talking about a Durango High School kid without any division one offers? Some members of CU's staff have recently followed. He's my No. 1 quarterback in the state for the 2021 class. When I'm evaluating a quarterback, the two things I care about the most are accuracy and athleticism. 

Accuracy: He's been over 70 percent completion during his three seasons as a starter in Durango. This past season he completed 73.6 percent of his passes, threw 23 touchdowns and just two interceptions. I've watched him throw live and it's very impressive how often he is on target. He's not going to wow you with his arm strength but it's good enough. 

Athleticism: He's a three-sport athlete in Durango. He also ran for over 1,000 yards this past season with 15 touchdowns on the ground. 

SewallBeach and DymeDuke: Any more insight into CU's approach to recruiting Quincy Allen? Curious if there was an assistant that clicked with QA or if Tad deserves the bulk of the credit here?

Allen and Brizzi are way out of our typical footprint - any insight as to why we went into that area this cycle? I'm all for it, but it's not the norm.

Similar questions, so I'll take them at the same time. The interesting thing about Allen is Anthony Coleman was originally his primary recruiter. Coleman took trips to the D.C. area last year to watch both Allen and Brizzi. 

So I would say Tad Boyle deserves a lot of the credit but it was a full staff effort. One of the advantages they had with Allen was he was able to take an official visit to CU in February and wasn't able to visit many of his other options. In the weird coronavirus recruiting season, sometimes an edge like that is all you need. 

I've been trying to get in contact with Allen but I've had some difficulty. I'm hoping to talk to him soon to be able to find out more.  

Two of the hotbeds for basketball recruiting are Chicago and D.C. and they are two areas that I think Colorado could have some success in but have never really tried. There are a lot of regular students from those areas that attend CU. 

4DemBuffs: Programs CU is looking at to schedule for a future H/H series?

To be honest, this is not something I know a ton about. It's hard for me to care about 2030. But I do know that Rick George is trying to schedule top schools, I think Colgate will be more of an anomaly. Florida was a great add and I think they should continue to go after SEC schools. But more importantly, lock in Nebraska and Colorado State. I know some of you don't care about Colorado State but it is great for the state and I don't think it gets better than those two on a non-conference schedule. 

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Matt Solorio
Matt Solorio

30%?? Damn. god bless this mess. i don't see how they could have football players as the only ones on-campus, but if the money is dependant on that, than id bet it happens