Podcast: Everything is getting canceled!

Chase Howell

The CU BuffsCountry podcast was back for another edition.

Adam Chalifoux, Chase Howell and Vinay Simlot had to discuss everything starting to get canceled including the Pac-12 non-conference portion of the schedule for all sports. 

They also discuss the Ivy League canceling their season and the Big Ten being the first one to cancel non-conference games. 

The boys then discussed the possibility of Evan Battey, one day, becoming the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. This included a discussion about which player they would rather have as the head coach: Battey or McKinley Wright?

That led to a more serious discussion about the basketball team and what realistic expectations are for Tad Boyle and the CU Buffs hoops team in 2020-21. 

Then a very important discussion about hot dogs and the hot dog eating contest. Is it necessary? How many hot dogs are too many hot dogs?

As well as some other off the rails discussion late in the podcast for the loyal listeners. There was now Clown College Scholarship of the Week this week. 

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