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Schools across the country are dealing with outbreaks as students move-in, could CU be next?

As move-in begins, CU has seen a positivity rate below 1 percent but classes are set to start next week.

As students move into college campuses across the country, schools have been inevitably dealing with an uptick in outbreaks. 

That has caused some schools to send students home and move back to virtual learning. 

Schools such as North Carolina, Michigan State and Notre Dame have either canceled or postponed their in-person classes so far. 

Of course, that is a huge deal when it comes to college athletics. It will be difficult for the NCAA and the conferences to make their case for amateurism when athletes are told to stay on campus while everybody else goes home in the name of safety.

At the University of Colorado, students have been moving in over the last few weeks as they prepare to start in-person classes next week. 

Most students only have one or two in-person classes and they are expected to follow social distancing guidelines. 

The university has required everybody living on-campus to provide a negative COVID-19 test that was taken within the last five days or test negatively upon arrival in order to move into the dorm. 

Over the last week, CU has conducted 961 tests so far and only nine, so far, have tested positive. That's a positivity rate of below 1 percent. Colorado as a whole has tested at a positive rate of 2.18 percent, the lowest it has been since the start of the pandemic.

For comparison, North Carolina canceled in-person learning after the campus tested at a 13 percent positivity rate after the first week of classes. 

CU has a lot of precautions in place for students in order to slow the spread. They require masks on-campus (even outside), they have quarantine rooms for those that test positive and they are requiring everybody that goes on campus to fill out a medical form every day. 

It sounds like some of those precautions are working so far. 

Of course, things will likely change when classes start and the students living off-campus show up to campus. CU is not requiring all students to test negative, only those living on-campus.

It's hard to call the first couple of days of move0in anything but successful.