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In an exciting development for the Colorado Buffaloes, Deion Sanders has hired recruiting ace Devin Rispress away from FAMU. The former high school power running back and Tallahassee native is known for recruiting other standout players. Most impressively, he recruited All-SWAC wide receiver Marcus Riley and Kelvin Dean Jr. Both are former local high school juggernauts who will be assets to the FAMU team. This smart and effective style of recruitment will surely be an asset for CU.

Over the last two weeks, Rispress had been working around the clock to recruit for the Rattlers after former HC Willie Simmons left to become the running backs coach at Duke. FAMU has yet to hire a new head coach. 

Simmons spoke very highly of Rispress on X saying, “Deion Sanders of all the 5 stars you’ve signed over the past few years, this may be your biggest one yet. [Rispress] is a rockstar and all I can say is everyone better watch out because with you two together…sheesh!”

FAMU hired Rispress after the height of the Covid pandemic in 2022. Before that, he had experience recruiting at his high school Alma Mater Rickards and Gadsden County High School. His rise in the college football recruiting world has been meteoric so far. It will be exciting to see what he has in store for Colorado. Rispress adds strength to the "Florida pipeline" that Sanders has established at CU.